LOG 2129 — IT’S OVER...

The simple DNA of a frog fused with our own. It was meant to be humanity’s next big leap. Not this… whatever this is…

Miles under the darkest corner of the city, one power outage was all it took. The frogs took hold of their degenerative hosts, spilling out of their spawn chambers. Spitting a new species into the sewers.

No longer human. No longer frog. An experiment that was meant to create new life, taking on a complete life of its own.

They survived down there for a while. Navigating the dark. Exploring their new consciousness. But why lurk in the dark when you can live in the light?

One-by-one, they leaked into the city. They got used to the rhythm. Found their own style. Got to grips with the local tongue. A few got jobs. Settled down. One’s a lifeguard. One works on the meat counter at Dino’s deli. They’re part of the place now, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere fast.

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