Community Gnosis Safe

Post mint, the treasury will be established into the Community Gnosis Safe and investments will be decided by the holders of the NFTs using votes.

Investment Protocols

Investments will be spread across various platforms/protocols to both reduce centralised risk and investment volatility.

Examples are as follows:

  • Auto compounding protocols, such as or yieldyak that use either LP (Liquidity Pool) tokens or SSS (Single-Side Staking) and automatically compound at various intervals to achieve the best APRs for its investors.

  • Bluechip AVAX staking platforms like Trader Joe, Pangolin, Platypus etc.

  • Startup projects that are high-risk/high-rewards. However, they must meet some key criteria for us to invest, such as:

    • Locked Liquidity

    • Trusted or KYC/Doxx'ed Team

Investment Types

Frog Frens will invest using a blended fund method of high, medium & low-risk to ensure longevity & sustainability of the treasury.

The investment distribution will be as follows:

  • 50% - Low-Risk

    Stablecoins (UST, USDT, MIM etc). This is key in protecting the treasury from extreme volatility in the markets.

  • 40% - Medium-Risk

    Bluechip Avalanche Projects (TraderJoe, Platypus, etc).

  • 10% - High-Risk

    Degen projects.

Disclaimer: these ratios are not fixed and will be subject to change based on macroeconomics.

Possible Strategies

One possible investment strategy (example only):

  1. Stake $JOE for $sJOE to earn 100%+ APR in $USDC rewards on Trader Joes.

  2. Stake $PTP to earn $vePTP to earn 100%+ APR on stablecoins on Platypus.

  3. Stake stablecoins in Platypus with boosted APRs to get 60+% APR.

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