Mint Details


Minting will be available from the Frog Frens website using our minting form on the day of minting. Please see Minting FAQ for more details on the process.

Mint Income Allocation

The mint income will be allocated as follows:

  • 55% Community Farming - This will be invested into High-Yield protocols and stored in the Community Gnosis Safe. See the Rewards page for examples of the investments.

  • 15% Team - To cover the team's initial expenses as well as pay for a KYC provider (e.g RugDoc).

  • 15% Roadmap Development - Fund the future development of the roadmap, operational costs, securing partnerships/marketing, and merchandise store.

  • 15% Giveaways and Prizes - This will fund the project's giveaways, as well as reward the minters of our "Top Secret" NFTs in the collection. See Mint Prizes for more details.


A whitelist mint will provide a discounted mint compared to a public mint.

We will have a total of 250 whitelist spots available.

The first 100 spots will be rewarded to the first members of our Discord server via the "Frens OG" role.

The remaining whitelist spots will be awarded to the community through a combination of giveaways and community engagement on social media and Discord.

Based on your wallet eligibility you will be able to either mint during Whitelist or Public.


The following prices will apply to mint:

Whitelist Price: 1 AVAX

Public Price: 1.5 AVAX


Frog Frens will mint on the following dates and times:


Mint: 8th April


Whitelist minting will start at the following times:

  • 18:00 UTC

  • 14:00 EST

  • 11:00 PST

  • 02:00 HKT

  • 23:30 IST

Public Mint will start at 20:00 UTC (2 hours after Whitelist)


The current limits will apply during minting:

  • Max of 5 mints per transaction

  • Max of 10 mints per wallet address

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