Below is the first draft for $SPAWN tokenomics.

Both $SPAWN & Staking contract will launch post-mint to ensure the Dev Team has the sufficient time required to properly focus and test this feature thoroughly, as to ensure the most value to our community.


$SPAWN is an ERC-20 token with a max supply of 500,000,000.

The supply is hard-capped and there is no ability to mint/increase the supply in the contract.


$SPAWN is a deflationary token by design, as a result, it will apply the following fees during each transaction:

Staking Emissions

The tokenomics of $SPAWN are set to pay inflation to the staking class.

This inflation occurs at a rate of 48 $SPAWN per day (2 per hour) for each NFT staked.

The emissions will continue for a minimum of 3.8 years (if every NFT was staked 100% of the time), so it will likely last a lot longer than this. At this point, $SPAWN becomes a truly deflationary token.

Supply Distribution

We will distribute $SPAWN as follows:

  • 75% NFT Staking Rewards - This will reside in the Staking contract and be used to pay the staking emissions as per Staking Emissions.

  • 20% Liquidity Reserves - If the community decides that they would like to give a monetary value to $SPAWN and trade their earned tokens. This allocation will then be used to create the initial SPAWN/AVAX Liquidity Pool (LP). The AVAX to create this LP would come from the treasury and would be time-locked accordingly with a relevant provider.

  • 5% Team - Team allocation.

Token Utility

$SPAWN utility is as follows:

  • Breeding - Ability to burn $SPAWN in return for an NFT from future collections, which in turn reduces the circulating supply of $SPAWN.

  • Trading - If a Liquidity Pool is created, then users will be able to buy/sell tokens on Trader Joe for monetary value.

  • Merch Store Discount - $SPAWN can be burned in return for a discount in the store.

  • Exclusive Access - Holders of more than (?) $SPAWN will gain access to exclusive Discord channels.

  • Raffles - $SPAWN can be exchanged for raffle tickets which will give holders a chance to win some amazing prizes. More tickets you have, the higher chance of winning!

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